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Welcome to DA Doodles


This site records some of the trips my wife Lorraine and I have enjoyed on our travels around the UK and Europe. For those who might ask "Why bother?", my website offers me an easy access to some of our travels - otherwise the memories would simply fade into the mists of time. Lorraine says it's an "age thing" and she's right, but, as a remedy for my amnesia, this is the best way (I think) to keep at least some of our memories fresh.

"Dadoodles"? Sadly (according to my wife), I'm more commonly known as "D.A." (my forum alias is "Dark Angel"). In one of my wilder moments of creativity I saw the combination of "D.A." and "doodles" as an apt identifier for my website, hence the title! I hope you enjoy the site and I also hope that you'll be encouraged to visit some of the places within - that is, if you haven't done so already!

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