Catalunya 2017

The first time we visited Catalunya was in 2005 and, for us, it was also our first biking venture into Europe. Since then we've travelled far and wide to different circuits in different countries - but Catalunya has always been our favourite race venue - not least of all because we learned, as many do, the benefits of combining the excitement of a MotoGP event with a few days of "R&R" in the south of France.


As ever, we had a brilliant time and saw some wondrous sights, most of them half-expected, but some great surprises, too! Our route took us through Chinon and Montauban to Barcelona for the MotoGP, then on to Narbonne Plage for the previously mentioned "R&R". After six nights we headed homeward, first stopping in Antibes, then onwards and upwards to Voreppe via the glorious Route Napoleon. Next, we rode to to Troyes and, finally, back to Calais for the train home. It really was, as one might say, "a tremendously spiffing trip"!

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